Unlimited Enjoyment Instant Gratification

by Zru Vogue

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An electro-organic hybrid of experimental rock & electronica that mood-swings through densely-layered atmospheres and textures, from funky to dreamy, making many stops between.

Founding Zru Vogue members Andrew Jackson and Max Tyrell created this unusual album as a "blind collaboration" — each of them working in his own studio, manipulating tracks, and sending mixes back and forth from Los Angeles to San Francisco, neither one knowing what the other was doing.

This free-form creativity led to curious and unexpected results; the 10 tracks that emerged from their creative collaboration (as the album "Unlimited Enjoyment Instant Gratification") never fails to amaze and amuse.

Andrew Jackson on making the CD: "We each composed new music, not knowing what the other was doing, exchanged DATs, and discovered a remarkable continuity in the sound. Then we continued the process, trading DATs back and forth between Max's studio in the Los Angeles hills and Andrew's studio in Silicon Valley. We added to, deconstructed, and reworked the music, using the double-edged creative sword of intuition and intention, not ever knowing what the other was doing, so that the results were always surprising and unexpected."

"Some of the tracks evolved into songs, while others remained instrumental. Some were reworked more than others. After a few months of this, we had more than enough music for a full length CD. It was time to compile some final mixes, design a cover, and put it all together."

"We even collaborated on the cover art and design. The CD got its name from a headline clipped from a magazine that fell out of an envelope that I had mailed to Max with one of the Digital Audio Tape mixes; another random element that we interpreted as serendipity."

"Throughout the project, we conjured and captured the Spirit of The Zru as we knew it. We learned that The Zru cannot be tamed. It can only be captured for a time, before it is released again into the wild."


released January 1, 1998


all rights reserved



Zru Vogue San Francisco, California

Official website of ZRU VOGUE. // Avant-Pop, Art-Funk, Surrealist Indie Rock from the San Francisco Bay Area. Zru Vogue's first single "Nakweda Dream" (1981) is an early post-punk classic. Band members Andrew Lawrence Jackson, Rick Cuevas, and Patrick Coyne continue to create inspired new music for postmoderns. ... more

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Track Name: I Don't Want To Make That Mistake

What will I do about everything, everything?
What can I do to escape the mistakes I will make
Without knowing
Those dangerous moments when one fatal weakness
Can lead to confessions
That’s not a road I would willingly take
I don’t want to make that mistake

What can I say but that nothing is everything
I am alone but I’m everywhere, everyone
Floating above it all, near to the ceiling
I’m looking back down but I’m scared of this feeling

It’s almost too much, I could just fade completely
I’m rising too high to be anyone, anything
That’s not a flight that I’m ready to take
And I don’t want to make that mistake
I don’t want to make that mistake

Remember to look back but never forget
There are people you know that you haven’t yet met
Who will happily lead you down roads that you shouldn’t take
I don’t want to make that mistake

So many people are lost and deluded
They put on a face but inside they’re polluted
From too much of everything bad and distasteful
Emotions so numbingly hurtful and painful
I sympathize but I can’t save you, I’m sorry
It’s too much, I know, but don’t worry, don’t hurry
It’s not worth it, just take your time and relax
There will come some decisions you’d rather not make
You don’t want to make that mistake

I don’t want to make that mistake
I don’t want to make that mistake
Lyrics ©1997 Andrew L. Jackson
Track Name: Atomic Robot Man vs. The Beautiful People

Atomic Robot Man
Walking through skyscrapers
Atomic Robot Man
Reads the evening papers
Atomic Robot Man
Tells us what to do
Atomic Robot Man
Never ties his shoe

Atomic Robot Man
Sees right through the wall
Atomic Robot Man
Walks down lonely halls
Atomic Robot Man
Talks in quiet voices
Atomic Robot Man
Helps us with our choices … choices

Atomic Robot Man
Smells of aftershave
Atomic Robot Man
Dances on your grave
Atomic Robot Man
Sees the inner light
Atomic Robot Man
Knows that it's not right –
It’s not right.

Atomic Robot Man
Never lets us down
Atomic Robot Man
Crushes through your town
Atomic Robot Man
Knows the cosmic plan
Atomic Robot Man
Holds your tiny hand in his hand

Atomic Robot Man
Longs for Atomic Robot Woman

Lyrics ©1997 Tom Sanders a.k.a. Max Tyrell
Track Name: Birth of an Imitation

And I've been waiting
For the dust to fall
I've been waiting
For the Berlin Wall, to climb again

There's only time for peaceful undoing of time
Do you see the wind is telling time?

It's the birth of an imitation
An imitation nation of fools
It's the birth of an imitation
An imitation me and you

The lights are falling
Down down down
And the strength is spilling
From the glory of the crown

They just lay down

Lyrics ©1997 Max Tyrell
Track Name: Vague

From where I stand
All is gray
Nothing here
Not today
Where you are
None can see
This is all
So strange to me

Don’t know why
I don’t know what to say
Lost my chance
Lost my way
Now I want
Something more
Found the latch
Unlocked the door

It all seems so vague to me
It all seems so vague to me
It all seems so vague to me
It all seems so vague to me

Lyrics ©1997 Andrew L. Jackson
Track Name: Abducted By Aliens

Abducted by aliens
they’re taking our form

abducted by aliens
isn’t this the norm?

abducted by aliens
tricked and then drugged

abducted by aliens
then we get a big bear-hug

our foolish mistakes
are their lucky breaks
they infiltrate our dreams
to learn what they mean

abducted by aliens
abducted by aliens

our minds are our own
but not for much longer

as our race grows weak
their race grows stronger

they use our suspicions
to gain our acceptance

our own intuitions
they know we don’t trust

they wait for the moment
we’re weak and confused

as we feign that we’re strong
in our own wanderlust

abducted by aliens
we see them every day
they won’t go away
their world is more real
they know what we feel
their time is non-linear
their offspring are skinnier

we know they exist
we can see where they’ve been
and I still feel the prick
where the needle went in
Lyrics ©1997 Andrew L. Jackson